2015 Year In Review

With only two more days left in 2015 I have been reflecting back on all this year has brought…it’s been a mixed bag for sure.

This year began as one of the most challenging in a long time for me as I struggled to take my self off of medication and get myself to a healthy place mentally,physically and spiritually. I am happy to say God saw me through and I really feel so much healthier in every way. And I feel a lot more at peace with who I am.

2015 also brought some very fun moments with loved ones, like vacationing in ST.Augustine for a week in May with my husband and his family.

I have decided that it is my new favorite vacation spot and when I can’t sleep at night I dream of my perfect little space on the sand with my music and books 🙂

My husband took me for a lovely and extravagant dinner in ATL for my 26th…it was a perfect and yummy day 🙂

Fourth of July was my favorite so far with a ton of family and fireworks pool side put on by my hubs.

Of course there was the traditional trip to Texas in July for my parents birthday and my sis and I had too much fun shopping in Austin, baking, visiting with my sweet cousin and her adorable little boy and even geocaching (it was a fail but still fun lol). I even got to see a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years!


Oh and there was a little night where we went to see MUTEMATH LIVE!! Just as epic as I always thought!!

The latter part of the year is when God decided to take us on an adventure though….

Chason found some land he was interested in looking at but when we saw it it wasnt right for us…that opened up the door and we started searching for a place we could really plant roots. Many options were looked at and we thought we had found the one! And then it went under contract. Big bummer. We felt very sad and a bit lost.

Then literally the next day we saw a listing for a gorgeous piece of land and we set up a time to go look at it…well the moment we got home after walking it Chason asked me what I thought of it and my words were “let’s do it!”.

So we did!!

We are SO excited and blessed that this will be our future and new chapter!! It’s perfect for us! SO much room to roam and explore! A beautiful creek running though it and a lovely pond with fishys! And it is so peaceful..no speeding cars or loud dogs barking! Just goes to show when God closes one door He always opens a new and better one!


And it came at the perfect time because Chason and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary! We took a sweet picnic on the land that day to celebrate 🙂

It was been such a crazy hard and long process to get here and Chason has worked his cute butt off to give us this beautiful future and I can’t thank God enough for him (seriously babe, you are amazing and i am so thankful for you) and for God’s grace and provision for our lives through the years and especially this year! Friends, I know life is super hard and sometimes very depressing but the Lord is so faithful! Let me say that again, the Lord is so forever faithful in His love and provision! It was through Him alone that we got the strength for this year and through Him how we will get through the next year.

But this year has not been without its losses. This month my family lost a dear member. My sweet cousin Lori went to be with Jesus early this month. It was a sudden and devastating loss and we are all grieving her not being on this earth anymore. She had the most beautiful smile and laugh and made you feel so happy and loved when you were around her. I’ll always remember the night she came to hang out with my sister and I and we stayed up talking until 2am about Gilmore Girls and other fun things. I will forever miss her. And like I said before, I know she is with our sweet Jesus and we will see her again one day.



In saying that, I want to encourage you friends to hold your dear ones tight. This coming year make it a point to say “I love you” more. Give more hugs. Stay a little longer. Tell people what they mean to you.

This year I want to cherish every second. I want to be in the moment with the ones I love. And this year I want to go deeper in my relationships and in my life. We are not promised tomorrow. We only have the moment we are in…to say the things we want to and to live our lives for Christ. Don’t wait until the last second for the things that really matter.

So here’s to you 2016, may you bring such blessings and love and joy.

May our Lord be with you all my sweet friends, and may He surround you with His great love and grace. I pray we all get to know The Savior greater and deeper this year. Cheers loves, let’s make 2016 beautiful!



Some other fun moments from 2015 – 

Callaway Gardens with my bible study ladies in May 🙂 

My family came to GA to visit me in December!! LOVE when they are here!! 

Christmas with my sweet ladies

We bought a tractor and caught our first fish from our pond 🙂 

Christmas 2015 


Stories and Reminders…

We are all stories. And we all have a part to play. A message to tell. And every story is different. Every story has it’s own pace and setting. It’s own purpose. And it’s own beauty.

Trying to remember this morning that God is telling His story through my life and i must submit to Him and the process to bring Him glory and see what wonders He has in store.

What story is He trying to tell through your life?

“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end. So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.” – Ecclesiastes 3:11-13


Seasons and Lessons

So, as i sit here trying to catch my blog up on all my thoughts my husband is on a business call teaching a friend and i’m trying to decide if i should blog, finish up work or workout…blogging won.

Lately i feel like I’ve been on a life lesson journey (then again, when are we not?) . Some haven’t been easy but they all have proven to me how much i don’t know and how much i want to learn.

Lesson 1. Open your heart. Be honest.

This one has always been hard for me. Being vulnerable with people is not easy in any respect let alone for a person as awkward as i am. But I’ve realized how are people supposed to know me and how i feel if i never tell them? I think sometimes we expect that others should just “know” for one reason or another. But alas, people cannot read minds (unless you can. And in that case we should be friends). I’ve gone around for so long expecting others to do what i felt i couldn’t/shouldn’t/didn’t want to. It didn’t work. I had built up feelings (and reoccurring dreams).

So, one night i just bit the bullet and said what was on my heart. And you know, i got mixed responses but that’s okay. I prayed for God’s favor in the situation. I did what was on my spirit. And i say “spirit” because i believe you should do everything with the help of the Holy Spirit and His guidance as opposed to the popular belief of “going with your heart”, which according to Jeremiah 17:9 “is deceitful above all things”. I’m liking the new honest, open hearted me, no matter the response because i know i am being true.

Lesson 2 – Life is about progression,seasons and movement. And it can be beautiful.

I think this had been the hardest for me. Since moving from my home state of Texas to my new home in GA i’ve really had to accept that a lot of life is about change. But as of late i’m starting to learn not just “acceptance” but beauty in the progression of my ever changing life seasons.

Call me a hippie but i firmly believe that we move with the seasons…Summer is playful, Fall is introspective, Winter is mournful and full of letting go. And Spring, Spring is for new, beautiful birth.

Maybe it’s just me, but  my life tends to follow the seasons.

The difference is, we may not always get the same season back. And that is okay. I’m learning to be thankful for the seasons i had. And learning that maybe that was all they were supposed to be, just seasons. And that’s not to be little them, because seasons are part of us, but some we just have to let go and say “blessed was this, oh Lord! Thank you.” and burn it down and walk away. Walk away thankful with a full, learning heart into the new chapter.

Lesson 3 – Marriage is the hardest, most Christ-like thing you will do. But it is all beautiful worth it.

I’ve been married a little over 2 years (2 years and 4 months to be exact lol) and i have to say i never thought i could grow so much in so short of time! Marriage stretches you. It pulls you away from the selfish. It sharpens you.

My husband is an incredible man and on a daily basis i can’t believe that i get the blessing of being his wife! But no marriage is perfect. And i don’t think it was ever meant to be. I think marriage is meant to grow us into the loving and graceful people God created us to be. And that isn’t going to be a smooth ride (at least for me…i’m a stubborn one!).

I guess i’ve been learning that no matter the hardship of putting yourself last you will find more beauty in it than any selfish action could ever provide. I look at my role as a wife as my calling. And i take my calling very seriously. My duty to my God is to first honor Him and second to honor my husband. I’ve realized more and more how hard this is when your wants sometimes differ with your husbands. But i am called to submit to him…not controlling “do what i say” submit. It’s a holy and beautiful submission to my husband knowing that God put him as the head of our home.

I think submission in the biblical sense is a way of teaching us to lay down our lives for others. My marriage encourages me everyday to become more and more the woman that God created me to be. It’s grown my heart and soul in more ways than i can say and i can’t wait to see how much more i learn in the future.


This is just some of what has been on my heart as of late. I feel God wanting to grow me in this season and i hope i can lay down my will enough to keep finding out what all the seasons and the lessons they bring mean for my future.


Cheers, Cecily