Before Midnight-Conclusions on 2016

I’ve already shared my thoughts about the end of this year in my last blog post “Burn It Down And Walk Away” but i find that i have just a few more things to say regarding 2016 and the things it has taught me, things i want to remember and a little advice to myself….So here goes.

Don’t Hold On –

So many times when going through difficult situations in life we hear others say “just hold on, it will get better” and while yes i do believe it will get better, i think holding on is the last thing we need to do – we need to LET GO. Let go, unclench our fists and let God carry us. Letting go is the only time when we can completely surrender to God and let Him carry our burdens. I am no expert in this. I hold on WAY too tight to my issues, my anxiety, my frustrations. But in 2017 i long to let go – To let the God of healing and new beginnings take my brokenness and carry me into His peace that passes all understanding.

Stop Planning  –

I am a planner. It is just who i am. If i’m going to do something i like to plan out the way it will/should go, make a list, go over it in my head. And while this is all good and fine for say a trip to the grocery store or a meal, the problem is that i do this with my everyday life…the things i want. And that leaves no room for God to enact His plan in my life….i am so focused on how i want things to turn out and i hold it too close.

I want things in MY TIME and MY WAY. BUT My God is not moved by me…no my God is not moved by schedules, calendars or clocks. Everything happens in HIS perfect time.Nothing that happens in our lives shocks Him – nothing gets to us without passing through His hands first. We may not understand the timing/way or events that unfold but one thing is for certain – His way are not my ways, His thoughts are higher than mine and He works ALL things for GOOD for those who love Him.

I’ve been very anxious this year…i have always had anxiety issues but 2016 brought them out in full force. But i had a moment recently when life was just getting too too much for me to handle and i broke down and had more joy than i had had in so long when i finally, though tears and the kind of laughter only full joyous surrender brings said “In Your time, Lord. You will resolve everything my heart is aching and worrying over IN YOUR TIME.

And that my dear friends, took such a weight off of me – Because suddenly, i didn’t have to  plan, i didn’t have to lose sleep worrying. I was letting God take it for me and handle it. Now, i won’t say that my anxiety is something that just “poof” went away and now i am skipping through fields of happy flowers in bliss – No, it is a daily process for me. When i feel overwhelmed, angry, depressed and anxious – when i feel that panic attack coming on and i can’t breathe and i’m crying over things lost and wanted i have to surrender it to God , take a deep breath and say “In Your Time”.

Be Broken –

Brokenness is something we all try to steer clear of but i’m talking about being broken before God – Being vulnerable. I am not one for showing my deep emotions to just anyone…sure it’s easy to cry over a chick flick but not so easy for deeper issues. I have a hard time being broken….My husband can attest to this. But it is only in the brokenness that God can really begin to recreate you and speak to you – I long to be broken for the things His heart breaks for. I long to be arms, hands and heart wide open for God to shape and transform and renew.

So those are my last few thoughts for 2016, as we near midnight and the champagne pops and fireworks explode these 3 things will be may prayer as i kiss my love and say hello to the New Year. I pray you and i can unclench our fists, let God plan our year and that we can be open enough to be restored and redeemed through His great love this year. I pray whoever you are, wherever December 31st 2016 finds you, that you dear one, will feel the love and peace of God.

Cheers loves,

Every breath and every tick of the clock is a second chance.