I think a lot in Airports and planes. And I think a lot in hair salons,

Maybe it’s because you have to wait. In a salon you have to wait for your hair to dye and dry. And in
a airport/plane you have to wait to board, take off and land.

Those are the times when I am at a stand still. I am never at a stand still. Between work, spouse time, family time and house hold responsibilities there is really never a moment to be at a stand still

And we need stand stills.
To remind us of what is important
What God is trying to tell us and what He is trying to do in our lives.

I miss so much.

Sometimes I think we need to be reminded of God’s grace. It is around us every moment but in the rush and stress and strife we close our eyes. Our spiritual eyes.

sometimes we need something or someone to remind us to look. To look expectantly.

Whether it be a song, a book or a person. Sometimes we need something to jolt us out of our funk and remind us that God is always, always providing grace upon grace.

Today I recognize so much. So many people and things that have been God’s grace to me.

Toady I am eyes wide open. Today I can see. Today it has become clear That my God ‘s grace surrounds me.

It surrounds you too.

Keep your eyes wide open dear heart, it’s there.


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