I’ve been married for 2 1/2 years now. When i first got hitched i was 22 and had never been on my own before…i was timid and very unsure. The smallest tasks like cooking for my husband or cleaning were hard for me because i felt so new to it all and nervous. Now 2 1/2 years in i feel like i have finally come into my identity as a wife and a woman.

I feel like now i have a handle on most things. Cooking is fun and so easy for me now and i feel like i really own my kitchen. I’ve always loved to be in the kitchen and feeling in charge and free to create is so awesome. I love how things just come so naturally to me now…cleaning and taking care of my husband and family and friends. My full self as a woman has really come to the surface in the last year and i don’t feel nervous or unsure anymore. I feel like marriage fits me well and that i was created to serve in this way.

So many things have had to be dealt with though to get to this point. Lots of insecurities had to be laid down and gotten over. I had to learn not to be afraid to fail and to be vulnerable. Insecurities will take you over if you let them i can tell you that for sure. If i’ve learned anything in these almost 3 years it’s that you have to own your life. You have the power to either curl up and hide or to stand up and take charge  and know you are capable.

It was hard being on my own for the first time, being in my first year of marriage and being so far away from family all at the same time. But it really stretched and grew me and now i feel like i’m seeing the benefits.

I’m so happy with the person i am now and who i am growing into. God has been so good with me. He’s always teaching me and correcting me with so much grace and love and i am so thankful. ❤