Marriage Thanksgiving – A Letter of Thanks/Happy 2nd Anniversary

To my husband Chason, everyday i grow more and more in love with you and thankful for the man you are. Here is just a small list of why.


Thank you for being my smile and laughter when i want to cry

Thank you for being my hug when i need to feel safe

Thank you for cooking yummy meals of chili and salmon and mashed potatoes

Thank you for never leaving me when the darkest parts of me out shine the good

Thank you for being my secret keeper and confidant

Thank you for tickles even when i say i don’t want it

Thank you for long walks

Thank you for cleaning the house when i was gone

Thank you for calling me sweet names…it makes me feel so loved

Thank you for working so hard to give me my dream Texas wedding

Thank you for trips to restaurants and shops when you would rather stay in

Thank you for  telling me i’m beautiful when i have no makeup on

Thank you for working so hard for us like you do

Thank you for being so tender with me

Thank you of making my dream of traveling to Spain a beautiful reality!

Thank you for loving Christ with all your heart, it makes me want to love Him and you more

And last but not least, thank you for choosing me to be your wife and thank you for these sweet, most beautiful 2 years of my life!

I could go on and on for years but it would never be enough to explain my love and thankfulness for you! God blessed me tremendously when He brought you in my life! Happy 2nd anniversary my sweet love, my favorite day was the day i vowed before God to spend my life by your side! Here’s to the many many more years of love and adventure we have together! I love you with all i am!