Just Being Honest – Marriage, God and Hosea’s Wife

I’ve been going through the Wife After God devotional as well as reading blogs from other Christian wives for the past week or so. I’m trying to surround my self with good examples and encouragement from women with the same Godly goals for life and marriage.

It has been a blessing to say the least.

I’ve been thinking about Gods divine plan and purpose for life and marriage, as well as the story of Hosea and his wife and how it all relates to my life.

If you have spoken to me in the past 8 months you have probably heard how Chason and I have had a crazy stress filled work year. Our calendar has been full with big projects that demand all our time,energy and sanity. All this to say that our personal lives and marriage have really been out on the back burner. Though not by choice, it has taken a toll on us both.

My husband is the hardest working person I know and I respect him so deeply. He is smart and creative and just the best person you will ever work with. He sacrifices himself everyday for our little budding family. But, the down side is he doesn’t always have the time to spend with me. You know, that deep just you and me indulging in each other time.

I miss that

And I have been feeling pretty down and lonely because if it.

I miss that emotional intimacy we have always had. I miss just spending time talking and sharing thoughts and ideas and stories like we used to. I miss him.

And then I got to thinking about God. And my relationship with Him. The bible says that our God is a jealous God…no, He doesn’t want your iPhone or your “success”. He wants your love and time. Just like you want your spouses.

God designed the marriage relationship to reflect His love for us. So wouldn’t it make sense that when we neglect to spend time growing and nurturing our relationship with Him that He would feel as hurt as we do when our spouse doesn’t?

Wouldn’t it make sense that God misses just talking and spending time with us, that he misses intimacy too?

This hit me today. I have been relying so much in being intimately fulfilled by Chason and not so much by my Creator. Chason is amazing but he is not perfect and will fail sometimes but God will not. I can’t base my security solely on my husband. That us not fair to either of us. There will always be a hole in me only my God can fill.

Maybe God has let this lack of time with my husband happen in order to get my attention and make me see that He misses me and I need Him.

A blog by Mandy at Biblical Homemaking really touched my soul. She was talking about Hosea and how his wife Gomer went back to her old life of, well, Whoredom as the bible calls it, after she had Hosea’s children. I thought of myself then. God gave me this huge blessing of being a wife and i turned around and forgot Him and in the process clung to my old vices when things got hard.

I think this season with all it’s business and stress is here to teach me a lesson if i let it – No one can take the place of your Lord and Savior and love you as perfectly and unconditionally as God does, not even your spouse.  As women of God who are now wives we must make the time to be in God’s Word daily and find approval and intimacy in Him, if not we risk putting a burden on our spouse which, even if he wanted to, he cannot fulfill.

~ Cecily


4 thoughts on “Just Being Honest – Marriage, God and Hosea’s Wife

  1. Cecily..this couldn’t be more true and this is also something that I have had to discover in my life as well 🙂 Sometimes we look to our husbands to fill the role of God when only God can do that. I have really had to rely on God a lot the past year and a half and my relationship with him has grown so much! I am glad for lives struggles because it makes me closer with my creator 🙂 Great post!

  2. I AM Gomer. That was my life-well, not prostitution or multiple men-but infidelity. I love the story of Hosea and how it details God’s amazing love for us. One of the biggest things that God has been teaching me in this last year and a half is that He is enough. When my husband is busy, or doesn’t meet the ridiculous expectation that I place upon him, God reminds me that my focus needs to be on Him, and not my husband. I spent too long drinking from broken cisterns and expecting my husband or another man or food to satisfy me. All along, God was there. Waiting. Wanting to show me that He can satisfy and that He is enough. Some days it’s easier than others to remind myself of that, but I am ever grateful for the second chance God has given me and for the things He is teaching me.

    • Hi Jamie, thanks for the comment! I agree with you, it is hard very hard some days to remind ourselves that God is the one who is to fulfill the deepest part of our hearts. I have been amazed at how my relationship with God as well as my attitude towards my husband has changed by the realization that our Lord is enough. We are all guilty of being Gomer at one point or another, and thankfully God is so full of grace to remind us that we always can come back to Him! Btw, I’ve been browsing your blog and i love your posts!I hope to keep connecting! Have a great one! 🙂


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