Hello 24 :)

So a couple weeks ago I went from being 23 to being 24…funny how that works 🙂 I really wasn’t expecting much for the day because Chason had to leave the next morning for AZ on business. But, I woke up on my day of birth (after sleeping in..oh, yeah!) to breakfast being waved at my nose lol…Chason thought it would be a good wake up smell and it was 🙂

So, i got out of bed walked into my kitchen only to find pink everywhere! My sweet husband decorated our kitchen with pink polka dot balloons, a sparkly happy birthday sign, a giant Hello Kitty balloon and a yummy awesome Hello Kitty cookie cake!!!! Epp!! I was so excited I felt like a little girl! He even put pink pom poms on the chairs…which he put together himself!! He then gave me my gift…a kitty alarm clock that wakes you up with the Meow Mix theme (you know,meow meow meow meow)! I love it lots! 🙂


The day then had lots of work for us but I didn’t mind so much…I just looked over at my kitchen and I would smile instantly 🙂


(the balloons matched my dress!!)


(my oh so yummy and pretty kitty cookie cake!)

For my birthday dinner that night we went to this awesome Indian restaurant called Bojanic with my sis and bro in-law who were the ones to actually introduce us to the yummy food last year. I order the Chicken Tika Masala with a side of Indian Cheese balls and eggplant…can’t remember the proper name for them but oh my, it was all sooo good! Just thinking about it has my mouth watering! I could eat that food all the time! I also got to get an Indian drink.

Dinner was fun and happy with good conversation with good people 🙂 I love getting together with my sis and bro in-law, always a good time, just wish we all weren’t so busy so we could do it more often!

That night after we got home I got to Skype with my family and hear them sing happy birthday to me over and over 🙂 It made the day feel like old times 🙂

The night ended with cookie cake and a toast while watching my favorite episodes of Saved by the Bell with my love 🙂



Oh, yes I think I’m gonna love 24 🙂