Wedding Week Recap in Photos! Pt.1

So, we are  finally home and settled in from our whirlwind Texas wedding and Spain/Transatlantic honeymoon (yes, i said Spain…eppp!). It’s the weekend so i have a little time to sit down and recap all the sweet madness 🙂 So here we go….

Saturday – On the Road

We headed out for Texas on Saturday October 13th and made it about halfway through the drive when we hit major traffic in Louisiana…i’m talking nearly three hours in a dead stop-inch by inch crawl on the long LA bridges…ugh! Not fun anytime, but especially when you’ve already been driving 9 hours.

(Boo traffic, you get a thumbs down!)

Sunday – Texas, baby!

After stopping for the night, we got to TX on Sunday morning and made it in time to attend my home church, i can’t tell you how great it was seeing my family and church members again! I missed them like crazy!! After service we had a family dinner for the first time with my family and Chason’s parents…it was pretty great to have them all together! The rest of the week included lots of walks at my sweet bay, family dinners, lunch with friends, and wedding crafts! Probably one of my favorite moments was making Mr. & Mrs. signs with my mom, my sister and Chason’s mom…so fun!!

(we kind of messed up on the first try lol )

(Lunch with my sweet friend Damaris! Missed this gal! You don’t realize how rare good friends are until you live away from them)

(Family 🙂

In the middle of the week my cousin Candise flew down all the way from Pennsylvania to be with us…i hadn’t seen her in 6 years!

(after the wedding getting ready to say goodbye)

Thursday – Tuxes, beaches, and bridal showers

On the Thursday before the wedding Chas and I went with his parents to pick up the tuxes and made a little stop through Matagorda Beach to show my mom and dad-in law they’re first TX beach! We had a lovely lunch at this new-ish little place called “Poco Playa” where we enjoyed some seafood and then headed out to the sand and the waves of my sweet Texas ❤


(mom and dad-in law enjoying the beach)


(me and my baby <3)


That night my sister and my cousin Candise threw me a wonderful and fun bridal party! It meant so much that they went to all the trouble to have this party for me, i wanted to cry! My church ladies, cousins, and friends were there and well as my mamma and mamma in-law…i was a very happy gal!!


(me with my sweet church ladies)

My sister surprised me by making my favorite drink, bubble tea, and some yummy cupcakes! And my cousin made the super good food!


We played fun games like the toilet paper wedding gown challenge, and a version of the “Newlyweds” game that my cousin put together, so fun!! She interviewed my husband on video and then asked me the same question to see if our answers matched…we did pretty well 🙂 The party was held by the bay outside of my town and decorated so cute, it was definitely a day i will remember! ❤


(my cousin Nikki and my sista Krystal modeling their “bridal gowns” lol) 


Friday – Decorating and Rehearsal Dinner


Friday was filled with finishing wedding crafts, rehearsing  decorating, and finally a fun rehearsal  dinner…whew, long day for sure! Thankfully Chason’s sis and her husband arrived that day and really helped out! We had both our families, my cousins, and my friend helping at the rehearsal…gosh how i love them for that, they really put they’re backs into the work…literally…everyone was sore after the wedding! I have good peeps! ❤




(me and my mum and dad…awwws)


(my mom and dad-in law posing with my brother in-law)

I have to be honest the stress kind of got to us that day…there was just still so much to do and it was pretty head spinning (anxiety meds to the rescue!!). But, thankfully by the end of rehearsal we were back in a happy mood and ready to eat!

We held the dinner at a nice steakhouse in Bay City (where the wedding was) and all my sweet wedding party and family attended…twas a great time having them all there!


By the end of the night we were so out of it, but even still  my awesome preggers cousin and her hubs came to my hotel to help me decide on my wedding makeup…she is kool like that! I barely remember that night because if all the stress and happenings but it was fun having them there hanging while we chose my wedding day look 🙂

Whew! Sooo, that finally leads us to the big day!!! Stay tuned for part 2 of our wedding recap!

– C & C


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