Our Wedding Day 11-20-11

Today is a very special day…it is the anniversary of the day i married my love and vowed to spend my life alongside him, so because of the occasion i thought i’d take a moment to reminisce about the happiest day of  our lives. We eloped so most people don’t really know many details of our day, and because it was such a happy day for my husband and i we think it’s important to share the details. So here we go 🙂

It was a weekend in mid November and Chason and i were both fighting really bad colds and coughs.  At this point we had been engaged about a month and I was visiting him in Georgia  for a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and then he was to come back to TX with me and spend the holidays with me and my family. On Friday the 18th we were talking and one thing lead to another and “let’s get married this weekend!” came up. Both agreeing,  we went out and got our marriage licence and started looking for a minister to marry us on short notice. We thew around ideas and even thought of getting Chason’s friend ordained, but then Chason thought of a minister friend he had met one day while shopping for a razor in a store. He pastor’s a little Methodist church not far from here, so we called him up and he said yes right away, no questions asked 🙂 So we wrote our vows that night while on lots of cold meds lol.

Sunday morning we woke up and i put on my little black dress and my Grandma’s pearls and Chason wore jeans and his “Bubble Gum” t-shirt which is the one he wore the day we met…and is his nickname for me, and we drove out to the church on the chilly morning with “Going to the Chapel” playing the whole way 🙂 (now every time i hear that song i think of our wedding day lol 🙂

After service, Gary (the pastor) took us to a room to talk a bit and plan the way it was going to go, and then we walked into the empty sanctuary to get hitched. I remember being so nervous i was shaking, and popping a mint before hand to counter the Halls cough drop aroma lol.

For the ceremony Chason surprised me by having the pastor read the “marriage poem” from The Princess Bride…so fun! The pastor then read 1 Cor 13 and then, finally, shaking and trying not to cough, we each said our straight from the heart, cough syrup vows before each other and God and tears were definitely shed.

Then it was time for the best moment, he pronounced us man and wife and Chason and i shared our first kiss as husband and wife…that was a special kiss…my gosh, my heart soared at that moment! The ceremony was so intimate and sweet with just us and the pastor. We were so happy that we both couldn’t stop giggling after!

The pastor was kind enough to take our wedding photo outside of the church before we left…i love this photo so much! It shows how happy we were 🙂

(this is one we took ourselves lol)

After we tied the knot we had a lovely wedding dinner at Outback and then went to Starbucks to enjoy our wedding cake…cake pops!

(yummy wedding blooming onion)

(Rock Road and Peppermint wedding cake 🙂

It was the happiest and best day…we were on cloud nine! Now one year later i can still say that every time Chason looks at me my heart does cartwheels and my tummy gets butterflies! I’m such a blessed woman to have such a special sweet soul to spend my life with! From the moment we started writing letters to each other states away i knew he was going to change my life. Last month when we had our “official” family wedding we danced to “I knew i loved you” by Savage Garden because it is so fitting for us…we really did know we loved each other before we met face to face…and what a feeling that is! No matter how crazy it feels you know you can’t deny it. I truly believe that Chason was meant for me and i for him and i am so happy that God brought him into my life in the time and way He did! God truly does make things beautiful, and i could’t be more excited to see what this future holds for us!

Happy 1st anniversary my love! Here’s to many many more! ❤