Wedding Planning Madness…

These past couple weeks have been spent in wedding planning overdrive, and i must say, i am going a bit batty! Our wedding is 2 and a half months away (eek!), and i feel so unprepared! I’ve been planning for this day my entire life (not joking, i was “that” girl…you know,  the one who saved wedding photos since she was tiny for future inspiration for her “big day”…yeah…), and now that the time has come i feel like i’m running around like a chicken with her head sliced off.

I had a major wedding meltdown the other night…it was bad, just ask my husband (thank you honey for putting up with my crazy!). Between finding bridesmaid dresses that everybody likes, and budgeting, and calling cake places and flower shops and all of the above, i now completely understand why “Bridezillas” exists! It’s so true, i tell you!! These woman may not just be crazy on their own, it’s the wedding that drives them to act like a batty, fire breathing, raging mad wedding monster!! This i relate to this week.

(I wonder if i’ll look cute as a monster…hmm…)

All venting aside, we actually got some big things done these past weeks.

We booked our venue

I’m so happy with the place the wedding will be held at; it’s a beautiful and whimsy nature center in the town about half an hour out from my hometown, it’s perfect! Chason was actually the one to think of it, he remembered it from passing by when we were in Tx…i on the other hand having lived there my whole life never noticed it! ha! I don’t want to give much about it away but here’s a sneak peak!

I bought my wedding dress!!

Oh what a process this has been! I originally picked a dress back in March when i was in Tx. My mom and my sister were with me at this small little shop in the town over and the first dress i tried on was the one i picked…i loved it! It was such a beautiful dress with lovey beading, and it fit perfect. I had a wonderful time shopping with mi madre and mi hermana!

However, after months went by, i changed my mind on what kind of dress i wanted. I was looking for something more fun and spunky…this is how i feel with my husband so why not have my dress reflect that? Long story short, my mother in-law was sweet enough to come with me shopping this past Friday while i tried on six dresses. She really is a blessing, i would have had to go by myself if it wasn’t for her. It was such a fun experience to be taken in a dressing room and having different dresses be put on you! Love being the bride!! 🙂 And my mom in-law is very sweet and we had a fun time getting to know eachother better though the day 🙂

After looking for a while it came down to two completely different dresses, both i loved! Finally after discussing the options over a lovely lunch with my mother in- law i came to a decision! Sooo, i have my dream dress!!! I freakin’ looove it!  It’s fun and spunky like i wanted, and also has elegance and sexiness! And i’m so excited for my husband to see me in it! ❤

My passport came!

Chason booked us a honeymoon a couple months ago that required me to get my passport…i have no clue where we are going as he is keeping it a surprise and not even letting me ask questions! lol. All i know is that we are changing planes on another country! Epp! So excited!!! 😀

So, while there are still a million things i have to do (like make invitations, book a cake, etc) these definitely are some happy positive things that have gotten taken care of and hopefully those things (along with watching Bridezilla marathons because they are strangely comforting at this time) will help me through the rest of the wedding planning madness! If you have any helpful tips to deal with wedding stress please feel free to share! 🙂



One thought on “Wedding Planning Madness…

  1. I’m glad my mom finally got a daughter she can go clothes shopping with! I bet she really loved shopping for wedding dresses with you! I always HATED shopping and trying on clothes, much to her disappointment…. LOL! :o)

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