Sunday Date Night

Sunday Chason and i took a much needed night out. Work been stressful and we’ve been pretty worn out and claustrophobic for the past couple weeks.

We first made a small stop at David’s Bridal to take a look at some dresses because I’ve been having second thoughts about mine…i love it so much, but kind of think i want a little more “poof”.  Not  sure though, so we browsed a few i think i might go back and try on, which is weird because i despise David’s Bridal. It was fun looking with my husband there, i always thought i didn’t want him to see the dress before hand, but i like shopping with him 🙂

(i’m fun sized so flower girl dresses fit me lol)

After that we did a little Barns and Noble shopping for an HTML book for me to learn from. I’ve been going through PHP and JavaScript already in hopes to be more involved in the web design company my husband and i have. I love book stores with all my heart, i honestly could live in one…they have books, coffee, and comfy chairs & carpet…what could be more perfect? 🙂

We had dinner at Atlanta Bread, it my first time there and i have to say i’m a fan. I suppose it’s kind of like Panera but i really have never been to Panera so i can’t say for sure. I ordered the pesto chicken panini and mmm it was so good! The only thing i didn’t like was that they don’t have iced coffee…boo, i had to put ice in my coffee myself.  GA is too hot to drink hot coffee.

The main event was the movie; Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter! Oh yeah!

This movie is definitely worth a watch! Seeing Abraham Lincoln slice vampire heads off with an axe is pretty darn entertaining! Filled with lots of epic bloody vampire shots and Ab working the axe,  it had Chason and I laughing the whole time!! 😀 Definitely going to buy it on dvd! 🙂

(happy with my hot date)

After food, books, and an awesome movie we were both smiling on the way home. I’m so glad we took the night out, lately with all life has required it has been hard to find time for us to just enjoy a nice date out. It really helps to renew your sense of fun with each other…and my husband is so fun and happy to be with 🙂 Glad a married someone who is not only my husband but also my best friend. I truly enjoy going about life with this man 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sunday Date Night

  1. Love the new blog! (Especially the title….) 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the movie… Nigel and I thought it sounded too silly to watch…. LOL!

  2. Thanks Nikki, happy you like it!! 🙂 lol Yeah, it was a pretty weird movie, but just the thing if you need a good laugh!! When they release it on dvd we should all watch it! lol It would definitely make for a interesting movie night! 🙂

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