Georgia summer <3






Oh summer, i really adore you 🙂 Summer has always been my favorite time of year…i love Mr. Sun and his lovely heat! 🙂 This year is my first official GA summer, and i have spent the first part of it well…working on my tan with daily dips in the pool with my husband, grilling out, yummy fruit drinks, horrible but oh so yummy foods like steak, hot wings, hot dogs, and sushi (oh my!). As well as lots of fun activities! We’ve been quite the on the go weekend people lately, which is different because on the weekends we normally just like to hunker down and cuddle lol. Trips to Six Flags, birthday parties and celebrations, as well as a visit to the Renascence Festival have kept our Summer calender full and very happy, and our hearts creating lovely memories. All of which i will be blogging about and sharing photos in the coming weeks. Today though, it is rainy and Mr. Sun is lazy, so instead of going out like we have been, today we are cuddling with some good movies and TV, and World of Warcraft…and nothing could make me happier than to just rest in my man’s arms ❤

Yeah, i quite love summer 🙂



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